Wednesday, May 13, 2015

Silcia Pelissero

Silvia Pelissero

A "My Modern Met" blog that dedicated a portion to the talents and showcasing of Silvia's work. 
A page Silvia has made for herself on that allows her to show her work to others, market it, and comment and get feedback on her work.
A small paragraph on the "City Art Gallery" website. It says biography, but it explains just a small amount of her personal history. 
Another site that showcased Silvia's work.

I find this artist compelling and inspirational because she makes her use of watercolor seem so effortless. Not only does she capture and render human and animal faces brilliantly, but she also mixes her realistic renderings with abstract imagery. Her paintings are breathtaking and often show her professional use of watercolor paints. She allows the paint to be free forming to some degree, the human characteristics are sharp, in focus and detailed while other parts are more abstract and can formed by her into other shapes or imagery. She also lets the watercolor drift across the page with just small directional input from her, creating this organic and loose feeling to each painting. Her work is both inspirational in design and technique.