Thursday, February 3, 2011

Anne Geddes

Anne Geddes' life work is based on the protection and celebration of babies. She is admirable because she is self-taught and is known for her given to many charities. She has donated pieces from her clothing line to children affected by Hurricane Katrina. One of the reasons I appreciate Geddes as an artist is the attention she draws to the vulnerability and beauty of children. It is an effective way to bring attention to the fact that children should be valued, protected, and they need a caring society.
In this short article by Simona Panetta for the magazine, City Life, Anne Geddes is reported as stressing the importance of caring and nurturing the physical environment much like the infants she photographs need to be protected and cherised. Geddes' passion for babies and new life goes beyond the art she creates. She believe in helping to create a future for them as well. From using organic baby skin-care to natural fibers in her Pure collection of clothing for babies as well as through various charities aimed at relief efforts and the protection of children.
The first time I heard of Anne Geddes was on this slideshow featured on msn's Today photo features. In this gallery are stunning photgraphs of babies and their mothers and babies in nature. The first picture, however, constrasts the beauty of aging against the beauty of new life with an elderly woman holding a baby wrapped up in cocoon-like cloths. Beginnings is Anne Geddes most recent book and it's focus is on nature and it's constantly changing seasons.
In this article, Anne Geddes explains the background behind on of her smallest subjects, Maneesha, a premature baby. Geddes photographed her in the large hands of a man named Jack in the hospital that was taking care of her. The fragility conveyed in the photograph is breathtaking.