Sunday, February 20, 2011

Steve McCurry- Photographer

Steve McCurry is a famous for many different pieces, but this photograph of an Afghan girl taken in 1984, got his name out into the photography world.

This site, essentially, allows you to look at everything Steve McCurry. This contains his photographs from all around the world, his upcoming events, and gives connections to his blog, biography, workshops and many other things related to McCurry.

This website is that of a group of highly regarded photographers, in which Steve McCurry is a part of. This website shows more of his photos and his biography. The site is a great resource to find his books, exhibits and etc.

This website shows just a couple of Steve McCurry's photos. Steve goes on to talk a little about these specific photos and how he took them, what he was thinking when he took them and so on. This is a cool little insight to the thinking behind the photos, which is a story we don't always get when looking at photographs.

Steve McCurry is a very talented photographer who has been in the game for a few decades now. I felt he has that 'something special' because he has the ability to capture the feeling of people and situations in a single moment; in a single photograph for all to see. He has a way with his camera that makes you feel like you are there in that moment; a way that allows you to feel, try to feel, (even if for only a moment) the way that the people in the photo feel. In his National Geographic Biography he says, "If you wait, people will forget your camera and the soul will drift up into view." His thinking is to wait, be patient and in a way the photo will come to you. He likes to revisit places multiple times in a short period of time so he gets the feeling of the area, so he can understand it and get the best photograph that grasps the feeling of the certain area. I am most intrigued with McCurry's portraits. The emotion captured in a single photo is just amazing to me. Along with his portraits, his other photos show how he pays extreme detail to the situation, the background, everything; which effects the photograph in every way.