Monday, February 7, 2011

Tracey Moffatt

Tracey Moffatt is an Australian artist who follows her passion. She is, by self-proclamation, “obsessed with art.” She isn’t concerned with what art is, or what it’s supposed to be, or even what’s normal. She is solely concerned with what’s inside of her, and what she wants to create. She represents the Australian spirit. She doesn’t limit herself to one medium and she approaches each medium in an unconventional way. She composes a photograph as one would plan a painting; placing certain items here or there, trying this, trying that. I am a firm believer in candid photos. I will never put someone in a pose, or place an object in my plane. Some part of me feels that this art of a photograph is in the capturing of the moment, and that composing the moment is cheating. But here, Moffatt approaches photography in the completely opposite way. She plans photos out in extreme detail and they become about the construction of the set, and the conveying of emotions. One of her most stirring series is the Scarred for Life series. She has taken a photograph and created a deep emotional plea with her audience. And is this not an integral goal of art? She attaches lines of text to each piece in this series which really enhances the meaning. She creates really conceptual pieces, which I really admire. You can tell there is meaning, concept and emotion attached to each one. The way she manipulates each medium showed me that there are many different ways to approach art, and that you can always push the boundary; there are always places to take your art.

This site has a comprehensive list of Tracey Moffatt’s work, complete with high-quality photos of all her work, from throughout the years. There is also a time line of her work, and a biography.

Australian Broadcasting Corporation has a posted a transcript of their radio interview with the artist. Provides great insight to the stories and meaning behind her films and photographs.

This gallery website has an extensive resume and list of Tracey Moffatt’s work in conjuction with many photos of some of her series. There is also a biography.

This link to the Queensland Art Gallery | Gallery of Modern Art shows one of Tracey Moffatts more controversial yet popular pieces. Attached to the photo of the work is a description of it’s significance to the artist.