Monday, February 28, 2011

Marsha Ambrosius- Singer/Song Writer

Marshas Ambrosius, born April 8th, 1977 in England a talented singer songwriter and producer, once a part of the duo Floetry brought her fame to the states, writing hits for some of the best artist in the game, she is now establishing her career as solo artist. Her R&B yet uniques music style is what gives her so much attention. Some of her inspiration include Michael Jackson, Stevie Wonder and Prince. She continues to challenge her listeners, with her amazing vocal range and strength. Marsha is a truly talented artist and whom I believe in years to come will conquer the R&B charts and well be truly recongnized as the fine aritst she is.


Her page, shares her biography, a great site that shows latest events and news in Marsha's life. The site also shows upcoming performances and new music by Marsha Ambrosius. There is also her twitter page so you can stay connected with the artist.

A breath taking performance by Marsha Ambrosius and 3 other African American artist, on the BET special Black Women Rock. This performance explained african american women's strength and beauty. Marsha's soothing voice stole the performance,her along wtih each of the artist had solos each playing a character. Marsha whose second in the performance, uses her vocal pitch and soothing range to portray her of her best live performances if you ask me. Check it out on the youtube link above.

This link shares one of Marsha's latest songs yet titled "I Hope She Cheats On You" an up beat song. Expressing the female struggle in relationships hence the title. The song is filled with a variety of instruments, the dynamics change from high to low. A catchy hit, that you can listen to anywhere you go. This along with many of her new hits you can find on her solo album Late Nights & Early Mornings coming out March 1st, 2011.