Sunday, February 20, 2011

Eminem (Marshall Bruce Mathers III)

Marshall Bruce Mathers III (Eminem) has been very influential to the hip hop industry. Over the past years, I have seen, heard, and enjoyed the progression of his music. It has been enjoyable to hear a artist that separates himself from other rappers who typically sing about money, women, and fame. He has gotten a lot of attention because of his skin color, which is only a small portion of his success. The majority of his success truly is due to an incredible talent, within the music industry filling the roles of a rapper, record producer, and actor at the same time. Eminem is one of the rare rappers to show up on stage with great simplicity in his clothing. He doesn't flaunt big chains, or big diamond rings on stage. There is nothing external to seduce his audience but himself. His songs tell his story and express an explosion of true feelings. Many people find him to be an inspiration. Eminem grew up within hip hop culture and breaks intolerance, racism, and the notion that people from different ethnicities can't work together. Since the beginning of his career, Eminem has contributed to the enrichment of hip hop culture. His sophisticated rhyming style makes for a brilliant form of art through music. Over the years he has become a respected artist with numerous awards and a unique talent to entertain.

External Links

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