Sunday, May 19, 2019

Alex Turner

Alex Turner

Not everyone can make a name for themselves. Not everyone can really pull off their own style. But Alex Turner can. This Englishman started his singing career as just another garage band, shaggy-haired average-joe. It took him a couple years in the industry to work out his kinks, explore his potential as an artist, and define his image in the Arctic Monkeys. In fact, Alex Turner has defined his image many times. Because that is what Alex Turner does best. More than a singer, he's an actor, a chameleon, a shifting, shapeless mass of egoism and musical success. He can sing and write music, he knows it, but he also knows how to be something he is not, and he knows how to do it well. What I find most inspiring about Alex Turner is that he just oozes swaggering charisma and confidence on stage despite him knowing how fake he is. He completely pulls off everything he does, whether he is dressed as a leather-jacketed greaser, 70's rocker, or a preppy broken-hearted romantic. He is like a great actor, able to pull off any role and make himself believable, and, as an artist, this makes him more than just a singer.  

Alex's many styles and looks throughout his career.

Some interesting esoteric facts about the man himself.

Alex gives us some insight on the magic behind his musical madness.