Sunday, May 19, 2019

Kim Chungha

The artist that I'd like to share is Chungha Kim, but in Korea they say the last name first, so she goes by Kim Chungha. The reason behind me sharing her is because I truly admire her dancing talent. I, as as a dancer, use her own choreography as an inspiration when it comes down to making my own choreography. Her style is very similar to what I do when I choreograph and watching how she executes her moves is what makes me want to grow as a dancer. In Korea and US, Chungha's dancing is very well known! It has been infamous since her first appearance as a K-pop idol on a Korean show called "Produce 101". (1:50-2:33)
This video is what made Chungha's dancing famous. Nobody could believe that what she did was freestyle. Since then, she's gone through the process of becoming a K-pop idol, and her dancing has grown a lot since then.
This second video is a piece that Chungha choreographed herself. As you can see, her growth in dance is huge compared to the previous video. The way she executes her moves is a lot stronger.
This article is about Chungha's first win with her most recent comeback "Gotta Go". If you take a look at the video that is also included in the article, the choreography is nothing the way you'd expect it because of the way she dances. The choreography that goes along with the song is what gave her the well-deserved winning position on the charts.