Sunday, May 19, 2019

Kwang Suk Kim

Kwang Suk Kim

 Kwang Suk Kim was born January 22, 1964 and died on January 6, 1996, he was one of the popular and influential South Korean folk-rock singers. He achieved widespread popularity as a member of the folk band "Dongmulwon". He was a singer-songwriter, who write, compose, and perform his own musical material, including lyrics and melodies. He sold over five million records, it's an impressive number for a South Korean musical artist at that time. At aged 31, he committed suicide by hanging himself. That news surprised a lot of Koreans, not only his fans. Some people aroused doubts about his death that they said his suicide was definitely suspicious. He wrote the song based on social criticism and the truth about common people's life in South Korea's financial crisis. 
 The reason why I chose Kim to create a blog post is his lyrics and melodies are truly touched my heart even though I wasn't born at that time period. His voice, guitar and harmonica play techniques, and song itself are not opulence but more lyrical with calmly voice. But with his calmly voice and that chosen words for sentimental lyrics are touched everyones' heart more than any other technical difficulties songs. The combination of sincerity in his songs and realness in his life attracted big audiences. Due to that so many Korean still miss Kim and his song even now.
(Above image is a mural art in Kim Kwang-suk st. in Deagu)
Kim Kwang-suk street is located in Deagu city. His fans made this street to remember Kim. This street became one of the popular mural street in Korea, and many people are visiting this street. When you walked along this road, you will hear the Kim's music through the speakers.

The link above is a documentary about Kwang-suk Kim's singer life and his death that still remains hidden to people.

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