Thursday, February 21, 2019

John Mayer

John Mayer

John Mayer is the most talented and soul-connecting artist I know. Since I was a young boy I grew up listening to John Mayer not only because my parents always played his music, but because they could play 15 songs in a row and I'd have an overall positive reaction to all of them. The first CD I can remember holding is Room For Squares(2001), which was played on repeat in my mom's car because even if you weren't focusing on the brilliant lyrics of all 13 songs, the acoustics would put you at a place of ease. Years later Continuum(2009) came out which is arguably one of the best albums of all time, and an album I find myself constantly going back to. Mayer has been nominated for 19 Grammy awards, and taken home seven of them. Although this is a great accomplishment, Mayer stays humble and looks at awards as an opportunity to continue to create new pieces and connect with others. This last summer I took a trip to Eugene, OR to watch Mayer perform with Dead and Company, as Mayer played the roll of Jerry Garcia from the Grateful Dead. Mayer also has started his own talk show on Instagram live called "current mood," where he talks about what's been on his mind and invites other celebrities to join in and talk with. As someone who has worked on different types of music genres, created his own talk show, and has a cool style of fashion, John Mayer is a renaissance man. 

Short biography on John to hear his background and early career. Fun fact- John dropped out of Berkeley School of Music in his first year and began creating music. 

Although John has found success in certain styles and genres, he continues to explore new sounds and talents as he is not caught up on awards and accolades. 

More information and updates reguarding John Mayer's talk show on Instagram.