Tuesday, February 26, 2019

Randy Ruby

Randy Ruby (August 20, 1954 - November 17, 2018)

"In just a few short years, Randy Ruby made a name for himself as a skilled photographer of the Redondo Beach coastline. Often from a kayak or with his feet submerged in water, Ruby captured a side to Redondo Beach and Palos Verdes Peninsula that few people experience in person."

  This site was created by Randy before his death and continues to showcase his beautiful photos of the culture in southern California and the pristine beauty of the ocean.

  This site give a greater insight to Randys fight with cancer and an eventual amputation. It also goes into depth on the impact that he had on the entire community. 

The reason I find Randy Ruby such an important artist to share is because of his extremely positive outlook on life. Even in the darkest times he always appreciated being able to live along the coast and have such a beautiful view every day. I grew up with him always taking pictures of my friends and I surfing down at the beach when we were young and he has always been a very positive force in the community and it is very easy to tell. He would walk, kayak, paddle board, or drive along the coast every day, rain or shine. Because of this he was able to capture some truly amazing shots that many people dong get to see very often.