Thursday, February 21, 2019

Mari Andrew

 Ever since discovering Mari Andrew via Instagram one year ago, her artwork has truly helped to bring me comfort in times of sadness and guidance in times of confusion. Mari's work has helped me to further understand my social and emotional development, and to find inspiration in the world around me. I would describe Mari's illustrations as minimal, but with a lot of depth. I feel that every young adult could relate to Mari's work, which is why I thought she was definitely worth a share. 

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    • This is Mari's homepage that shares her creative journey and her compelling story, which tells about her experiences with grief and hardships.
    • ""I was sort of depressed and found myself going home just to watch Netflix way more often," Andrew told Business Insider in an email. "I wanted a creative hobby, so I thought illustrating would be an easy, enjoyable way to document little moments from my day." I find Mari's creative journey to be inspirational because of how she turned to drawing has a creative outlet as well as a way to heal.
    • "Andrew doesn’t share her “shiny, happy, made-for-social-media life,” but rather invites you into her meandering and beautifully real mind, flush with everything from grief, heartbreak and career confusion to spiritual journeying, illness, love, friendship, and the pursuit of the perfect lipstick to create comics that speak to a wide audience."