Thursday, February 22, 2018

Dinara Kasko

This is Dinara Kasko. She is a pastry chef from Ukraine and creates architectural desserts that look amazing to a seeing eye. I find her relevant because she combined both sweets and art together to create something that's important for her and other people. She is known for her artistic skills through pastry and I love how she inspires other people to be their best.  When she was a kid she was into art and pastry so she combined those two and created a fantastic dessert that was soon all over the internet. There are postings on social media such as Instagram, facebook, and twitter about her and how she makes desserts that are never been seen by many people. When I first saw her video on her desserts it gave me a moment of silence because in all my life I've never seen anything more interesting than seeing desserts being made into art. It made me want to eat her creations and showed it to my family and friends. I wanted to show more of Dinara and blogging about her is the best way. To me sharing information about Dinara is important to me because there are a lot of types of art out there such as painting, drawing, and sculptures. However, there are many people who never saw art in a dessert form in their life. The photos in the blog show some of her creations and why they look amazing. 
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Architectural Cake Design

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Entrement Dessert
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Geometric Dessert

In this website, it shows many photos of Dinara desserts and her adventures as an architectural pastry chef. Also, it updates weekly on her dessert creations for her followers to see.

This is Dinara's official website about her pastry art and provides more pictures of what she creates. To add on, it also provides recipes, events, videos, and a shop where you can buy her molds to bake the same desserts as she does.

In this website, it provides the story of Dinara Kasko and how she made it this far. In addition, it explains why she wants to be an architectural pastry chef and what inspired her.