Friday, February 23, 2018

Miles Johnston

Miles Johnston is a current artist whose art I love to bits. He primarily works in graphite, but has also branched out into digital and even oil paintings. Each of his pieces is just full of textures and details, and he spends many hours working on them to make them perfect. He is currently an instructor at The Swedish Academy of Realist Art, and has previously had his work in various galleries. He has an upcoming exhibition at the Last Rites Gallery starting March 31st. He also made the art for two Magic of the Gathering cards, the Cruel Revival card and the Jhessian Thief card. I love how his pieces are just slightly disturbing, yet reassuring at the same time. It’s as if you can relate emotionally to the pieces, which brings comfort in not being alone in the feeling. I also love how smooth he is able to make everything seem just through different shading. The image above is actually a print I own, and is the first piece of his that I saw and instantly fell in love with. He works hard on his pieces and it shows with how well done they all are.

Miles is currently teaching at The Swedish Academy of Realist Art, and this link is their website with a little more information about him.

I put these two links together because they are essentially the same website. His official website has some additional links to it, but all the posts of his art are straight from his Instagram

Both of these links show a time lapse of Miles drawing his pieces. The first one is a self portrait he did using Procreate, the second one is an older drawing of his using pencil. The second one was also originally created as a tutorial.