Friday, February 23, 2018

Savion Glover

Savion Glover
Famous Tap Dancer, Choreographer, and Actor

Born in Newark, New Jersey in 1973, Savion Glover is thought of as one of the most important tap dancers in the modern dance world and is believed by many to have brought renewed interest back into tap dance. At the age of seven, Savion was introduced to the world of tap dance when his mother signed him up for tap dance classes. Savion eventually fell in love with tap dancing after meeting tap dance legend Gregory Hines, who actually became his mentor. Over the years, Savion has done Broadway, even being nominated for and winning Tony Awards, as well as being featured on a variety of television shows and films. Savion also travels around and teaches tap dance classes and has started his own school for tap. Savion Glover is a living legend in the tap dance community and will forever be remembered for all that he has done for tap dance. 

  • This first website describes some of Savion Glover’s background with tap dance, and includes facts about him, such as that he was the youngest person to ever receive a scholarship to the Newark Community School of the Arts and that he developed his own dancing style called “free style hard core.” This website also includes some of the work that Savion Glover has been involved with in television, film, and Broadway. Some of his work includes the Broadway musical The Tap Dance Kid, the major motion picture Jelly’s Last Jam, the children’s television show Sesame Street, as well as the movie Happy Feet.  

  • This second website explains more of Savion Glover’s childhood and how he started tap dancing, as well as some of the work that he has done for the tap dancing community. From a young age, Savion Glover portrayed a love for rhythms and at the age of four began taking drum lessons. At the age of seven he began taking rhythm tap dance lessons, which uses different parts of the foot to create sound. In 2009, Savion formed his own school for tap, calling it The HooFeRzCluB School for TaP in his hometown of Newark.

  • This last website portrays Savion Glover’s connection with tap dance legend Gregory Hines, who eventually became Savion’s mentor, as well as how he has been dubbed “the man who saved tap dancing.” This website also lists some of his achievements from films to Broadway musicals and television shows. More recently, Savion performed at the 64th Cannes Lions Festival of Creativity, which is hosted in France every year. This festival features creators, pioneers, and trailblazers across many different fields and is popular for its award ceremony, in which they give out their Lion Awards. Included at the end of the article on this website is an interview with Savion Glover.

  • This link is to a YouTube video, in which Savion Glover talks about his background with tap dance and shows some of the performances that he has done over the years.