Monday, February 26, 2018

Jessica Kobeissi

Jessica Kobeissi

By Kelsey Bell



Jessica Kobeissi is a Fashion Photographer born and raised in Detroit, Michigan. She is best known for her photography tutorials on YouTube and has grown to become a very successful person. She is young, creative and inspiring, especially to those who are new to the photography world. With her helpful tips and tricks in photography and Photoshop, she makes what should be challenging and complicated sound fun and easy. She believes that you should never give up on your dreams and you can always turn your talents into a career. 

Official Website

Jessica's website allows you to explore her work, purchase photos and contact her. She has an amazing website that she created with her graphic design background and her portrait gallery is endless.

YouTube Channel

Her YouTube channel is full of behind the scene photo shoots, Photoshop tutorials, and information on everything you need to know about photography. She also collaborates with other photographers and competes in challenges. 

Get to Know Jessica

Everything you want to know about Jessica Kobeissi is here in an interview with Atlas magazine. She tells you how she came to love photography to how she became a YouTube star.


"Jessica Kobeissi's work never fails to inspire me. She pushes me to think outside the box and get out of my comfort zone because that is where you can create some of your best work. Her videos have taught me many things and how to avoid big mistakes. Her style of photography is modern and what I am drawn towards. She is one of my role models."
-Kelsey Bell