Tuesday, February 27, 2018

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This is Sarah Meyohas. She inspires me because of her modern approach towards art and the way that she incorporates both femininity and business into her work. She is a multidisciplinary artist, blessing the world in film, photography, sculpture, and virtual reality.  She is a business educated female and the inventor of Bitchcoin, which is a cryptocurrency used to invest in her as an artist. Her fans and supporters use Bitchcoin to purchase and invest in her pieces. Meyohas is a unique artist because of the way that she incorporates her abilities as a business woman with her talent as an artist. Business and art are not usually seen as compatible fields, but Meyohas's growing legacy defies that notion. When she was attending business school, she used art to interpret the rise and fall of the stock market, as can be seen
I appreciate art and artists that break barriers and make people rethink the way that society is supposed to operate and I believe Meyohas is an excellent example of someone who breaks barriers and defies norms. Her first large exhibition, Cloud of Petals, photographs 100,000 unique rose petals in an attempt to create an "artificial intelligence algorithm" that can generate new petals forever. Sounds cool, right?
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This article, which is one Meyohas' website, describes her Cloud of Petals exhibition. There is an amazing video that you can watch at the very top of the page which I am having trouble posting. The first sentence of the article says, "Petals cannot digitize themselves. Human hands must individually open the flower, pick the petal, place it under the lens, press the shutter, and upload the image to the cloud." The exhibit is interesting because it evokes feelings of beauty, structure, and design while exuding a strange and unnatural energy.
The next article addresses the way that Bitchcoin, the cryptocurrency that can be used to buy Meyohas' art and how it went from just an idea to reality. "What would happen if you were to invest in the artist instead of the art?" it asks. As far as how it operates, the article states that "simply put, one BitchCoin, sold for $100, is worth 25 square inches of any one of Meyohas’ photographic prints. This includes all current and future artwork. When you buy a BitchCoin, you receive a certificate with an encrypted number; this slip of paper can be redeemed at any time for physical artwork. Purchasing a complete print requires 25 BitchCoins, or $2,500."
Lastly, this is Meyohas on the Forbes website where she was recognized as one of "30 under 30 - Art & Style." They speak on her credentials as a business women and mentions her creation of a gold nano-particle paint that she helped develop. I love seeing successful women in all fields, but the fact that she is both an artist, an entrepreneur, and a financial advisor is incredible.